Guitar Pro 8 is the latest music scoring program from Arobas Music that gives guitarists a wide set of tools you can use with tablature that you either download or write yourself.

Guitar Pro has been a popular program for guitarists for a very long time. The way to think about Guitar Pro 8 is that it can be used in three basic ways:

1. Jam With Guitar Pro Files

You can download Guitar Pro TAB files from a few free Guitar TAB websites and jam along with the songs.

The built-in sound engine creates decently realistic-sounding virtual instruments for you to play along with including guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, and almost any other instrument you can think of.

2. Write Music Scores

If you want to write your own songs, Guitar Pro 8 can be a handy songwriting tool.

Once you learn the basics of writing out music, you can quickly capture your song ideas and build full scores for your music.

The big advantage of using Guitar Pro 8 as a songwriting tool is how easily you can write transcriptions for other instruments. You can write out drum, bass, piano, violin, or any other instrument parts and sent/print the transcriptions for other band members.

3. As a Practice Tool

When I was first learning guitar, Guitar Pro was my main learning tool. I still use it today to work on exercises, practice scales, and learn song parts.

As covered later, there are handy practice tools you can use to slow parts down, loop sections, and build up your speed on complicated parts.

You also have access to a large chord and scale library to help you expand your fretboard knowledge.

If you’re unfamiliar with Guitar Pro, it’s a guitar tablature/notation program that allows you to create or download transcriptions of music then play them back to jam along with. That’s the simple explanation, but there’s a lot more to Guitar Pro.

If you’re a fellow amateur guitar player, you’ll easily find all sorts of materials and learning tools that you can employ in the quest to becoming the next Jimi Hendrix or the next David Gilmour.

The most widespread of these tools is of course, guitar tabs… every beginner’s go to solution. Guitar tabs, although known to be the tool that is used mostly by beginners, prove hard to decipher even by the most proficient guitarists.

Guitar tabs (or tablatures as they’re more commonly known) are basically a form of musical notation that is based on the instrument’s fingering (the position in which the player’s finger or fingers need to be, on the fretboard, in order for the instrument to generate a note).

Guitar tabs are represented by 6 lines, one for each string on the neck of the guitar, and each of the frets on the guitar neck is represented by a number from 0 to 22 (or 24 in some cases). So, say that on the lowest line on the tab we have the number 1. That means you have to play the first fret of the high E (the thinnest string).

First fret… first string… that’s the simplest example.

Guitar Pro

Obviously, learning to play the guitar by using tablature has it constraints. But that’s where Guitar Pro jumps in. Guitar Pro, first designed as a simple little program that could read and write tabs, is now a full-fledged mixing studio that awaits artists on their PCs. And as of 2011, also available on smartphones & tablets.

Guitar Pro lets you write complete scores using a vast array of instruments beyond the acoustic or electric guitar. In addition to that, this software also has synthesized sounds that match up pretty close to their real life counterparts which means that you can also listen to your tune once it’s written.

Getting started with Guitar Pro is simple – you either create your own tracks along with their tabs or you can download from the millions of tabs that are out there. And I mean that literally, there are virtually millions of tabs out there on the internet, tabs that were created by guitar players from all over the world.

Guitar Pro

Another notable feature is the built-in virtual pedalboard.

The latest Guitar Pro version adds a practical virtual pedalboard that makes it easier to manage guitar effects compared to the previous version. Thus, you will be able to modify and adjust the effects in a single window in a friendly way.

Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is a very friendly guitar program. Despite the large number of functionalities, its use is very intuitive. In addition, this new version adds the visual metronome.

It does help greatly if you have at least basic knowledge of standard notation to get the most out of Guitar Pro. It’s a super powerful and useful guitar tab and sheet music editing program. The latest version, however, takes the experience of guitarists to another level.

There are dozens of sites dedicated to housing tabs from your favorite bands. You can download all you want and not only read them with Guitar Pro, but you can actually play along with them and learn.

And with that in mind, you guitar players out there have no excuse for not giving this wonderful piece of software a try.