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No matter your intention, you’re going to need certain hardware (and maybe even software) to go along with your guitar(s)

I’ve listed below all of the hardware & software that I regularly use, most of which is used on a daily basis. The articles below aren’t reviews… they’re not meant to be.

There are enough reviews out there already (the best ones being on YouTube) so I encourage you to research, and then research some more and come to your own decisions. I’m open to suggestions, recommendations, etc., so feel free to drop me a line.



A powerful DAW with a lean price point, and the absolute holy grail of customization. Created by Justin Frankel (best known for developing WinAmp in the 90's), is the mastermind behind REAPER. And what he and his team have managed to do is create a powerful DAW, at a[...]

Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro 8 is the latest music scoring program from Arobas Music that gives guitarists a wide set of tools you can use with tablature that you either download or write yourself. Guitar Pro has been a popular program for guitarists for a very long time. The way to[...]

RipX DeepAudio

An audio editing platform that's a true "game changer". I've honestly never used that goofy term in my life, but in this instance it's 100% true and applicable. Like a lot of home musicians, I've always wanted to play along with my favorite artists. Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Clapton, Journey, Santana...[...]


VST Plugins, Effects & Modeling

AmpliTube 5 Max

If you're having trouble getting clear recordings of your riffs, chord progressions or just the overall sound, then AmpliTube 5 could be just the thing for you. AmpliTube acts as a virtual amp which allows you to plug your guitar straight into your digital audio interface (e.g. PreSonus Studio[...]


Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 is so good you may never want to go back to playing an amp or pedalboard again. While BIAS FX 2 greatly expands the already impressive selection of amps and effects that Positive Grid’s original BIAS FX provided, it also offers the entirely newly[...]

Guitar Rig

You can now digitally simulate an entire setup with just your laptop Guitar Rig is a multi-effects and amp simulator that allows you to get amazing effects and tones on your guitar with the use of a digital interface, it can operate as an independent application or as a plug-in[...]

Line 6 Helix Native

Not just another amp-modeler Line 6 has some history – that’s an understatement – with guitar-amp-and-effect modeling, in both hardware and software. Its current hardware range, Helix, includes fully featured and LE pedalboards, and a rack unit with optional foot controller. The company has swung the other way with a[...]


iZotope Ozone

AI mastering unleashed With Ozone 10, iZotope continues their vision of automatic mixing and mastering that they brought to life with Neutron - keyword: artificial intelligence. The predecessor Ozone 9 also got a master assistant that analyzes the audio and provides the appropriate settings that can then be fine-tuned.[...]

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