How can you improve your song mastering? Maybe you should take a look at the FabFilter Total Bundle.

The FabFilter Total Bundle is a collection of professional mastering plugins that will help you get more control over your final master. You have the plugins to tune your tracks in your DAW, but what about the master? This is where FabFilter comes into play.

Get rid of all those unwanted background noises from your tracks, play with dynamics in different frequency bands and get a clean, clear and professional mastering result.

Let’s cut straight to the chase…

FabFilter’s Pro-Q is the most elegant, intuitive and enjoyable EQ I have ever used and, dare I say it, “The best on the market”.

One thing that makes Pro-Q not only my favorite EQ but also one of my favorite plug-ins (if not my favorite outright), is that it is as easy for novices to use as it is rewarding for those experienced engineers.

On the surface Pro-Q seems like a pretty small standard digital EQ. However packed within its simple but effective GUI are Mid/Side processing and Linear Phase settings to make it a real tour de force with mastering too.

Two things that jump out at me about Pro-Q is that you can simply click where you want to add a filter and it just appears there with no band restriction. You can add a seemingly unlimited number of notches should you wish. Also the ability to select and affect Q and gain of a number of bands simultaneously by selecting them is extremely useful.


The Pro C Compressor

The Pro-C compressor has a clean interface. By looking at it you could be fooled into believing it is “just another compression plugin.” Yet once you have taken an in-depth look under the hood you will see that it has significantly more to offer.

Here are a few tips for using the FabFilter Pro-C compressor to improve your mastering:

  • Start with a good mix: The quality of the source audio is crucial to the success of the mastering process. Make sure that your mix is well-balanced and clean before you start the mastering process.

  • Use a moderate amount of compression: In mastering, it’s generally best to use a moderate amount of compression to avoid over-compressing the audio. Aim for a ratio of around 2:1 or 3:1, and adjust the threshold and attack/release settings as needed.

  • Use the right attack and release settings: The attack and release settings of the compressor will affect how it responds to transients in the audio. In general, a faster attack and a slower release will allow the compressor to react more quickly to transients, while a slower attack and a faster release will allow the compressor to be more transparent. Experiment with different settings to find the right balance for your audio.

  • Use the sidechain feature: The sidechain feature of the FabFilter Pro-C compressor allows you to use the signal from one channel to control the compression of another channel. This can be useful for creating ducking effects or for de-essing vocals.


The Pro MB Compressor

The FabFilter Pro-MB is a multiband compressor plug-in that is known for its high-quality audio processing and intuitive interface. If you’re looking for an all-in-one tool to compress and EQ your files, look no further. The Pro-MB is a fantastic piece of software that has all the flexibility you need to do just about everything. It’s fast and easy to use, and absolutely amazing.

The FabFilter Pro-MB allows you to split the audio spectrum into up to six separate bands, which can be processed independently. This allows you to apply different compression settings to different frequency ranges, which can be very useful for shaping the sound of your audio.


The Pro L Limiter

Limiters are an often overlooked but very important plugin to get your tracks sounding professional. This does appear to be a simple plugin but once you dive deep into the software you will find that there is more to this limiter.

Any stray frequencies are easily reigned in by this limiter.

This is an overall great package but maybe expensive when compared to a lot of the competition.

The plugins included in this bundle are some of the most comprehensive and cohesive on the market. You’ll find many users have found the FabFilter Bundle to be a powerful and effective tool for mastering.

The plug-ins included in the bundle are known for their high-quality audio processing and intuitive interfaces, which make it easy to get good results.

That being said, it’s important to note that the quality of the mastering process is not solely dependent on the tools being used.

Mastering is a complex process (which I’m still working on) that involves a number of factors, including the quality of the source audio, the skill and experience of the mastering engineer, and the overall aesthetic goals of the project.