Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 is so good you may never want to go back to playing an amp or pedalboard again.

While BIAS FX 2 greatly expands the already impressive selection of amps and effects that Positive Grid’s original BIAS FX provided, it also offers the entirely newly developed Guitar Match feature that adds stunning virtual guitar models to the software’s comprehensive gear rigs.

The Guitar Match feature alone should be enough to make an upgrade or new purchase irresistible, but when one considers the incredibly deep range of available amps and effects that come along with this second-generation version, the BIAS FX 2 is truly a must-buy.


Positive Grid BIAS FX 2‘s preset library includes some cool starting points; the ‘American Dream’ preset that the plugin initially loads to, for example, is a lush, whooshing chorus, delay, and reverb with split vintage amps and cabs that had me noodling and playing with settings for quite literally an hour when I first bought it. Other favorites presets of mine include ‘I’ve Got Blues’ and ‘British Dirt.’

BIAS FX 2‘s ToneCloud is the real prize, however, as it opens this plugin up to the innovation and creativity of the entire world. ToneCloud allows you to download other users’ setups as well as sharing your own. There are thousands of presets to choose from in numerous categories, making the tone possibilities quite endless when paired with the enormous gear library available in this plugin.

Another awesome feature in BIAS FX 2 is the ability to import any amps that you create in its sister program, BIAS AMP 2, which is an amp customizer and IR loader program. So imagine creating your very own guitar amplifier with details down to the tubes, the transformer, and the speakers, then importing that into the immense gear suite available in BIAS FX 2. This one feature really pushes BIAS FX 2 over the cliff in terms of usability and value for tone heads.


For those who have grown tired of only being able to dial in a tone with standard amp controls Positive Grid have got the perfect answer.

After dialing in a ballpark tone with the amp’s front panel you can tweak parameters in the different parts of a typical guitar amp.

This includes the preamp, tone stack, power amp, and the output section. This way you can alter not only the tone, but the general feel of the amp.

Over the years many guitarists have complained about the fact that even though a modeler sounds good they will still play their amps because it just feels nicer. With Bias Amp 2 you can adjust the amp’s internals so that you can create something that really feels authentic, or just make something that is so radically different from your own amp’s sound that you’ll want to stay in the box.

It’s perfect for the guitarists that need to be able to record studio-grade guitar sounds whenever inspiration strikes, but without disturbing the neighbors.

Tech junkies will be in heaven with the unique customization options that really help it to stand out from other amp sims. It’s hard to imagine anyone feeling disappointed with this product, it’s really got something for everyone and always manages to sound fantastic.

If you’ve tried or own BIAS FX, you already know that the amps and effects kick ass.

The new amps and effects, as well as the expertly programmed and highly usable presets, are all just beautifully crafted.

The Guitar Match feature alone makes BIAS FX 2 worth the price, but when added to the stunning new amps and effects it offers, it is truly a must-buy for guitarists who want to explore an entirely new world of expressive power, freedom and convenience.