If you’re having trouble getting clear recordings of your riffs, chord progressions or just the overall sound, then AmpliTube 5 could be just the thing for you.

AmpliTube acts as a virtual amp which allows you to plug your guitar straight into your digital audio interface (e.g. PreSonus Studio One) and capture clean samples. You can tweak your virtual amp to capture any classic guitar sounds you want, from a roaring distortion to sci-fi style flangers.

AmpliTube 5 is a plugin developed by IK Multimedia for creating a virtual guitar amp on your computer. As a matter of fact, it was one of the first such plugins which aimed to not only create a virtual amp, but also emulate pedals and speakers as well.

The first iteration of this program only had 10 amps that you could choose from, and it has come a very long way since then.



  • Very realistic recreations of classic amps and effects pedals.
  • Versatile program that can be used to create a whole range of different sounds.
  • Selection of virtual rooms to bring a different acoustic to your recording.
  • CS version is free to use
  • Inbuilt 8-track DAW and looper function.

How does it work?

The software will take your signal and pass it through any virtual amp of your choice, which will help you to record electric guitar riffs without the hassle of setting up your own amp. As well as amplifiers, you can also emulate the entire recording chain from effects rack, to pedals and speakers.

While you are setting up a virtual rig, you can alter the recording levels and place virtual microphones to have even more control over the sound you produce.

The standalone version of this software includes a looper function that you can use to produce layered tracks with up to two different looping channels. It also has a rudimentary inbuilt 8-track DAW for controlling levels and equalizing your recording to make it sound just right.

There are 4 different versions of AmpliTube 5 and the main difference between them is the selection of amps, cabinets and pedals that you have available to you.

I went with AmpliTube 5 Max so I could have all the bells & whistles. However, if you are content with fewer features, the free CS version will more than suffice.

Let’s talk about ease of use:

AmpliTube is a very complex and in-depth program, so don’t expect to learn everything at once, especially if you are relatively new to recording. That said, many of the different functions have been streamlined and made more user-friendly.

For a start, the signal chain is quite easy to set up, as all you need to do is drag the amps and pedals of your choice into it from the gear browser.

However, many users may struggle with fully mastering this program, especially when it comes to microphone placement relative to speakers. Sure, it is easy enough to create a passable recording, but those looking to achieve a specific sound will need a lot of practice to fully get to grips with this program.

With so many options and functions to choose from, it is natural to be a bit overwhelmed at first if you aren’t already familiar with plugins and recording software.

The most important thing is that you take things one step at a time and focus on learning the basics before tackling the more difficult processes.


If you’re looking for a new plugin for some new sounds, and you’re already familiar with DAWs and plugins, then AmpliTube 5 is a very worthy investment.

That said, many first-time users may be overwhelmed by the plethora of different features this program has to offer.

Before making the investment, it may be better to try one of the free plugins for emulating guitar amps first before diving into AmpliTube 5 or download the CS version.

On that note, you can get Ampitube 5 Custom Shop for free, which gives you a chance to experiment with it before making a purchase.

Naturally, this demo version doesn’t include all the amps and features present in the full release, but you will still have access to 400 gear models and 42 iconic pedals.

If you are in any way uncertain about whether AmpliTube 5 is the plugin for you, then consider downloading the CS version first.